X Ray Photography

The various uses for X-rays

When most of us think of X-rays, we think of doctor visits and broken bones, getting scanned to see what’s wrong with us and how we can fix it. However, x-ray photography, also called Radiology, has other uses outside of the medical field and they are often less painful than breaking an arm of a leg! Here are just a few examples of how X-rays can help people without going to a doctor’s office.

  1. Security: Mostly found in airport security in the form of body scanners and the machines that scan your bags, X- rays are used to scan items or people to make sure that no hazardous, illegal, or against the rules items are brought onto a plane. This is not only faster and more effective than having someone empty their bags and rummage through the contents, but it also allows for things to be seen quickly and clearly without harming any food, drink, or electronic materials inside the bags. X-ray radiation is also used to destroy Anthrax and other poisonous substances that can be sent through the mail, and since Anthrax is highly resistant to radiation, much higher doses (about a million times more strength than the body scanners at airports) are required to cleanse the paper of any toxic substance, however, it can still be touched and used by humans with no danger to them.
  2. Painting authentication- X rays can be used to scan paintings to uncover secrets and their true value. By allowing people to see under the painting, the origin and type of paper and materials used can be discovered. Authenticators can see different layers of painting through 2 different types of X-rays and then can see what was underneath the surface. Many old painters would paint over a rejected canvas, and most of the time, paintings that have sketches or half-finished paintings underneath them are the genuine piece of work.
  3. X-ray photography: Many photographers use x-ray machines to turn ordinary items into stunning visuals that can give an insight into things we don’t think about. From the way high heels cramp a foot to the hidden beauty of the insides of flowers, photographers such as Hugh Turvey and Arle van’t Riet use large and small x-ray cameras to photograph animals and other items, before colouring them in digitally, seeing the inside structure of what they photograph. It’s a process that is filled with potential mistakes and interesting images, and the results are beautiful, unique and interesting.
  4. Product inspection: Everything from buildings to individual components for a machine can be inspected with x-rays and gamma rays to search for flaws, flaws which in the case of a building, can be dangerous. Everything from building supports to wielded pipes can be checked with radiation, which won’t damage the material and will allow builders to see problems before they happen. X-ray machines are large, require electricity, and can capture large items like factory walls. Gamma-ray machines are small and can be used in tight spaces like pipes.

X-rays have many industrial and personal uses, although proper care and precautions must always be understood and followed when dealing with radiation if you seek to do any of these, especially in the product inspection business.