The best photo ideas to please mom

Mother’s Day approaches and you still hesitate on your choice of gifts? Take your camera or dive into your photo albums and memory cards to find the pictures that will move him. Discover all our ideas to fill it with sweet memories.

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show her how much you love her. And since a picture is often worth a thousand words, use your photographic skills to offer him a concentration of emotions with these photo gift ideas.

A personalized card to say “I love you”

With a bouquet of flowers, a personalized card will do its little effect with mom. Accompany her with a sweet word, if possible in relation to the photo; for example, if the picture on your card represents your child with arms outstretched, the message might be “I love you big like that”. You can also let go of your creativity, especially by making a jumble of three photos, one for each of your children …

A photo for its decoration

A beautiful photo can be effortlessly transformed into a beautiful decorative object. Choose a photo that your mother particularly likes, for example from her with the children, and have it enlarged and framed. She should not get tired of it and will be able to watch it as long as she wants. If you want to add a luxurious touch, opt for a print on canvas or a laminate on wood plate: you will then offer a true work of art.

Everywhere with her

You love your mom all the time, so accompany her everywhere with easy-to-carry mini-albums. Make a small selection of moments that will make him hot for an album full of tenderness. You can also slip in his bag two or three pictures of his wallet-sized loves to wink at him, like a photo booth.

Funny photo gifts

Give him a big smile everyday by transferring one of his favorite photos to a cup or a personalized mouse pad. A photo of a laughing baby should give him the joy of a coffee while a look at a family photo printed on the hull of his tablet will certainly give him energy.

A photo-flower frame to be made by children

Take a portrait of your children, then cut out the collar of a flower that you have previously drawn on a thick cardboard. If you’re not good at drawing, enlarge a flower photo from the web and print it for use as a template. Stick on the cardboard pieces of feather or confetti to make the petals. Cut out the central area and put your child’s portrait underneath so that it appears in the center of the flower. You can then stick an iron rod to create the stem of this pretty flower.

Original staging

Certainly, a classic portrait and well done will always fill your mother. If you are creative, here are some original ideas that require a little staging. His smile should reward you for those few efforts.

  • The photo that runs through time. Do you have a baby? Recreate a picture identical to the one your mother likes so much where she poses with you in her arms. Take exactly the same pose, if possible in a similar setting, to make a photo almost twin of the one she adores.
  • To say “I love you in photo”, use the decor or bring it with you. For example, write a giant word of love on the snow or sand during your vacation in anticipation of that moment. Otherwise, use to touch love messages written on slates held by children.

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