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Most people think that being a hairdresser entails only cutting and weaving of hair. This, however, is not true. As in other business-related professions,  being a hairdresser requires one to be fully accustomed to their clients; otherwise, it would be difficult for them to practice effectively on their duties. Being a hairdresser has its ups and downs but having the motivation and love in what you are doing cancels every deterring obstacle from negatively affecting duties.


Becoming a hairdresser entails going through some serious training. Much is expected by customers from you. Having enough training and knowledge is likely to put a hairdresser on an upper-scale when carrying out their duties.


Having an understanding of the customer that you are dealing with is a very vital aspect as a hairdresser. Some clients fail to communicate properly on what they need to be accomplished. A hairdresser needs to be smart in understanding better the needs of their to avoid frustrations or dissatisfaction from them. You need to be tolerant to new customers that you may not have worked with before. On the other hand, things are likely to go well with customers that you know or have worked with before.


The ups and downs of being a hairdresser


The ups

  1. One of the greatest advantages is having a flexible schedule for work. A hairdresser typically chooses how to carry out their work. They may work on appointments or shifts.


  1. A hairdresser gets to interact with many different people. They then get exposed to different personalities thus making them grow and improve on the hairdressing skills.


  1. It is common to find a salon that offers various styling services for the face and nails other than hairdressing. A hairdresser offers varied beautification services to their clients. It is, therefore, important to know how to carry out other beauty procedures besides hairdressing.



The downs

  1. Interaction with various clients from all walks of life may prove to be advantageous. However, some people might be hard to deal with. A hairdresser needs to be someone that can tolerate different personalities. A given customer may not be satisfied with the way you applying shampoo on the hair. Another one may not like the way you are handling the pair of scissors on their head. Some may be concerned with the way you are talking to them.


  1. Accidents

There are instances where occasional accidents occur. Some customers may fail to understand, therefore blame you entirely. This may affect your relationship with them, causing them to shun from coming back for similar service.


  1. Strain

A hairdresser stands for hours while performing their duties. This usually results in pain at their back, ankles, joints and feet.


  1. Competition

As it is in other profit-making ventures, hairdressers face competition as well from their counterparts. Unless you are good enough in performing your duties and have an excellent strategy for marketing, you may find yourself remaining with just a handful of customers.


To stay ahead of the game, a hairdresser has to be aware of the latest developments in the hairdressing industry. This can be achieved in part by attending hairdressing training to learn and improve their skills.


Communication with a hairdresser


  1. Due to the busy schedule that they always have, it is important that one book an appointment with a hairdresser.


  1. It is a good idea to carry pictures of the style that you wish them to apply to you. This will make it easier for the hairdresser to carry out the process other than relying on descriptions from you.


  1. You can discuss with your hairdresser about the profession that you are in or the daily activities that you are involved with. The hairdresser with then gets to know the perfect hairstyle that suits you best.


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