Bulk billing doctors in Rockhampton

What is bulk billing?

Bulk billing is a medical scheme for those who enroll for medical insurance and will not have to pay fees to see a medical specialist or book an appointment with a specialist who accepts bulk billing. The bulk medical fee will be covered by medical schemes or insurance. Not all medical practitioners accept bulk, though, it is important to check out whether the medical practitioner accepts bulk billing before making an appointment with them. If a medical doctor you are seeing accepts bulk billing, it means they will send your total billing to medicare to receive all medical fees for the services provided to their patients. A medical specialist who accepts bulk billing does not have to conduct payment collections themselves, but the medical scheme must ensure that all the medical expenses incurred by their clients are disbursed in time to reach the respective medical caregivers. On the other hand, when visiting a medical specialist who does not accept bulk billing, you will be required to pay for the services upfront and later on file a claim with a medicare scheme for compensation if you are a medicare cardholder and the provider is listed in the Medicare benefits scheme.

When bulk billing medicare may not cover everyone or every expense

  • When medical attention received is not covered by medicare scheme like physiotherapy.
  • If you are going to receive more than one service during the visit to the medical practitioner, for example, two distinct medical care at the same visit to a doctor, one will be covered while the other will not.
  • When a selected group of persons are gathered for in the medical scheme, like the case of age limit and other conditions not qualifying for medical scheme benefits.
  • If the specialist you saw does not accept full medical benefits coverage for services provided.


How bulk billing works

In cases where your health professional does not accept bulk billing, they will ask you to sign a form after the appointment and give you a copy of it. The signed form will assign a medicare benefit to the health professional to qualify them to receive payment from the scheme for the health services provided to a medicare cardholder. The payment will cover every expense so the patient will not be required to pay a penny or any additional medical fees to the doctor. The only exceptional scenario is when the patient will be required to pay for health services received is when you are given a vaccine by a medical doctor from their private premises where the vaccine is not offered free of charge or not listed under the medical benefits scheme.

What health insurance covers more than a medical benefits scheme can cover

  • Access to private hospitals health coverage
  • You will receive free ambulance service under health insurance
  • You will get physiotherapy services covered under health insurance
  • Dental care is not eligible to MBS, but under health insurance, you will get covered
  • Same to optical care, MBS does not include, but optical care does.


Where to find a medical professional who can bulk bill

It is a medical professional who can decide on whether to bulk bill or not. Websites help you to locate any medical care specialist who offers bulk billing services to medicare card holders so that you can book an appointment with them. CQ Medicentre are bulk billing doctors in Rockhampton that you should consider visiting.









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